Now, more than ever, teachers need a sense of community.

Our new normal is raising new questions; Will my school open again? Are all the stores closed? What exactly is essential travel?

Although we cannot answer every question, we do know that educators want to teach and that students need to continue to learn. So, we would like to help!

First, we want to encourage and thank you for your selfless dedication to teaching. Now that the classroom environment does not exist due to closures, we hope to provide outlets for new e-learning hurdles that you are facing.

Second, we are creating a community where teachers can share ideas, brainstorm new thoughts, and receive solid, practical, usable advice from their peers.  It is not just our voice we want you to hear. We want you to hear the voices of your fellow teachers. By creating a kinship in the midst of this pandemic, and beyond, we can help you make the most of your teaching opportunities, connect with students, and effectively teach minus the classroom.

We encourage you to share your voice, and the contents of this page, with any teacher needing encouragement and support.  From all of us at Certell, thank you for all you do.

A word from our founder

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