Why Teachers Matter

Dr. Fransen shares his own philosophy of teaching and the transmission of knowledge, skill, wisdom, and motivation.

Join us as we learn, explore, and connect to the world of education on the Fred Factor Podcast!

Is Civics Education in Prisons Working?

Jim Flanagan and Harrison Painter speak with Benjamin Volpe about how the Certell Civics Education Project has helped him return to society after being released from incarceration.

After spending 15 years in prison Benjamin now proudly serves as Director of Political Affairs for Leading Returning Citizens, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused solely on the individual needs of each Returning Citizen. We want to break the cycle. All of us have different needs. We encounter varied barriers upon release. While housing may be an issue for one person – it may not be for another. Finding a job that will allow you to support your family may be an issue for some, while restoration of family relationships will be a priority need of others. Yet, finding the support of someone who understands the emotions of a long timer being released may be an issue for many. The LRC, Inc. staff is uniquely dedicated on assisting you in meeting your individual needs.

Empowering Student Innovators & Entrepreneurs with Don Wettrick

In today’s episode Fred talks with Don Wettrick about empowering student innovators & entrepreneurs.

Don Wettrick is the founder of the STARTedUP Foundation, an innovative nonprofit dedicated to creating a world of self-starters, visionaries, and value-driven youth. By empowering students to embrace their passions, identify problems and build solutions we are allowing them to build more empathetic, future-ready, and happy lives.

A Millennial’s Experience Teaching in a Global Pandemic – Jacob Lukach

In this episode of the Certell Connects Podcast we speak with Jacob Lukach. Jacob a younger teacher at Chesterton High School and a former student of Certell’s Curriculum Coordinator Julie Nesbit. Mr. Lukach shares what it’s like to be a newer teacher dealing with the current challenges of remote learning during the pandemic school shutdown.

Dealing With the Mental Health of Students – Kaley Billick

Today our special guest is Kaley Billick – Guidance Counselor at White River Elementary School located in Noblesville, IN.

We speak with Kaley about dealing with the mental health of students, teachers, and parents during the COVID-19 pandemic. She also offers up some great tips on how stay healhty and maintain a positive outlook during these challenging times.