Certell Connects Podcast: A Community Coming Together in Hamilton County Indiana

In this episode of the Certell Connects podcast we speak with Dr. Derek Arrowood, Superintendent of Schools at Hamilton Heights School Corporation.

Dr. Arrowood shares how Hamilton Heights teachers and staff are dealing with remote learning during the global pandemic. He also talks bout how his community has stepped up to meet all of the challenges and offer support.

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Certell Connects Podcast: Teaching Remote in a Global Pandemic

In this episode of the Certell Connects podcast Chad Hudson, Harrison Painter, and Julie Nesbit interview Andrew Jones, a teacher at Fishers High School in Indiana. We talk about ways Andrew is keeping students connected in the remote classroom during the COVID-19 pandemic. We also cover some interesting topics including how to answer sensitive questions from students and keeping parents engaged as they balance this new world too.

Thank you to all of the amazing educators working through this challenging time. We appreciate each and every one of you.

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A Note to Our Teachers About the Coronavirus from CEO Fred Fransen

Teachers like yourself, along with your students, are being impacted daily by decisions in response to what is now a global pandemic. And while everyone will not be impacted in the same way, the ripple effects it’s having on education in our country is significant.

We want to support in any way we can, and though Certell can’t address every need you have, we can help keep you and your students engaged and accountable outside of the classroom. Our content, both teacher and student, is 100% free, available 24/7/365, and can help you keep your social studies learning on track.

Certell Connects Podcast: An Introduction to Certell with Fred Fransen

Today Chad Hudson and Harrison Painter interview Fred Fransen – Founder/CEO Certell.

In this episode Fred talks about how Certell was founded, where the organization is today, and where it is going in the future.

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Certell Connects Podcast: A Community of Teachers Helping Teachers

Enjoy our first episode of the Certell Connects Podcast with hosts Chad Hudson and Harrison Painter. Certell is forever free social studies content covering economics, government, and American history. This is content created by teachers for teachers. It is trusted, standards-based, media-rich, digitally delivered content at your fingertips. Any time, anywhere.

Chad and Harrison also share their passion around why they are working with Certell. You are not going to want to miss this valuable podcast series as we build an amazing community of teachers helping teachers.

Teacher Q&A: Is “R” Rated Content Ever Appropriate for the Classroom?

This video is the first of our “Teacher Q&A” series. This series is focused on giving teachers around the world a voice. We want to connect, listen, and learn from your experience. Our goal is to help you maximize classroom efficiency, improve test scores, and connect on a deeper level with your students.

In this video Fred Fransen, the founder of Certell, asks teachers about their opinions on using “R” rated content in the classroom. Certell does not use “R” rated content in our materials, but this question revolves more around using censored content from movies and TV shows that have a mature overall theme.

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What Teachers are Saying About Certell

We are so humbled by all of the positive feedback we get from the teachers who are using Certell materials.

Certell offers quality social studies curriculum that is trusted, standards-based, media-rich, digitally delivered, and forever free. If you are interested in learning more, or taking a look at our materials, please visit our sign up page.

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